DRAW is a young idea-driven design office operating in territories between art and architecture. A creative catalyst involved in all scales and stages of the architectural process, DRAW approaches projects with an intellectual and artistic rigor fuelled by a strong commitment to realizing ideas in architecture. We aspire to thoughtful, elegant contemporary architecture that exceeds our clients’ expectations for beauty and elegance. By transforming the familiar into the extraordinary, DRAW makes architecture perform the unexpected. Our expertise lies in our pure functional forms that are exaggerated by a play of materials, the judicious use of technology and a design sensibility. This interesting co-existence and conversation of various materials is utilized in all projects to create responsive and responsible architecture. We aim at transforming every site into a stimulating environment, rich in inventive detailing to suit the forward-looking aesthetic, both in materiality and functionality.


Operating as a design laboratory — exploring, investigating and experimenting with ideas in architecture and looking at innovative methods of delivering these ideas to our clients — DRAW is committed to design excellence. The studio is comprised of creative thinkers who share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design — from refining concepts of architecture to the application of new technologies and urban initiatives. We broaden the design dialogue of all our undertakings, viewing each exercise as an opportunity for exploration with our clients in formulating a solution that meets their needs while creating an enduring architectural vision. Our strength lies in our contextual approach which considers the use and meaning of the building, the philosophy of its users, and the surrounding environment—ensuring the highest level of attention and detail are applied to each project, resulting in consistent adherence to project schedules and budgets. For Us, any building activity without comprehensive thoughtfulness will be insignificant.


The principles that guide our work are rooted in timeless, classical design issues such as Site, Order, and the use of Natural Light that are not unique to period, style, or context. Modern architecture provides us with an optimistic view of contemporary life, while complementing its context with the exploration of other essential values that are of our time: Program, Technology, Sustainability, Collaboration, and Image. With these basic issues in mind we strive to create works of beauty and elegance that enhance any environment. Our primary site goal is to create a strong sense of “place,” by enhancing or transforming the existing site in a unique and provocative way. Whether urban, suburban, or the open landscape, we search the context of each project individually for clues that inspire a formal idea about issues of organization, scale, and location that provoke a strong dialogue with its setting.

Great buildings have simple rational diagrams that are the essence of their organization. That diagram is a catalyst for all subsequent design decisions and development. We focus on clear organization of public and private spaces, reinforcing it with an emphasis on primary and secondary circulation systems. Special emphasis is given to unique elements of the program by form and placement. Those ideas are refined in the massing and façade composition, rationally integrated structural systems, and using natural light in ways that reinforce a strong sense of order.